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Health Office

Health Office Information

The School Health Office is staffed by a Health Aide who has been trained and delegated by the School’s Registered Nurse. The purpose of the Health Office is to have a place where sick or injured students can come for minor first aid. We do not diagnose illness or injury. The Health Aide will basically assess the student and determine if they are well enough to stay at school or if they need further attention from a parent or medical professional. All students with a fever of 100 or above will be sent home.

All Adams 12 schools have a few District Nurses which oversee 6-8 different schools. They visit each school weekly. Our District Nurse is Barbara Swartzwelter. If you need to speak with her, she can be reached at 720-972-4784.

Please make sure that your child has breakfast in the morning. And either brings a lunch or has money in their account for school lunch. You may view the monthly district lunch menu on the main district web page.

The Health Office is a place to clean a new cut or to get ice for a new minor injury. We ask that any students who have an old injury or cut, or who need chap stick or to clean a piercing take care of these needs at home.

Some students come to the Health Office daily for medications and others come as needed for medication. We do not give any medications including over the counter (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Tums) medications without a doctor’s order and parent’s written permission. You may find a Medication Release form on the district main web page. This is for the safety of all the students. The exception is for cough drops brought to the school by the student who may carry them to use as needed.

For attendance reasons, students will need a pass to enter the Health Office even during passing period unless they are vomiting, broken bones, or bleeding.

Lorrie Cordle Health Aide 720-972-5049

TDAP Immunization Requirements