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Literacy Extensions Department

Literacy Extensions
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

Literacy Extensions at Shadow Ridge

Our Mission

The Shadow Ridge Middle School Literacy department is a team of dedicated teachers who are focused on purposeful, student-centered, engaging, rigorous, and authentic instruction. These teachers are professional, supportive, problem-solvers with high expectations for themselves and their students. Their goal is to create go-getters and lovers of reading.

Department Chair

Carrie Miller
     Phone: 720 972-7784

Reading Interventionist

Colleen Gardner Shannon


Phone: 720-972-7848

Student Acheivement Coach

Suzanne David
    Phone: 720-972-5061

8th Grade:

Ashlie Teague
Phone: 720-972-7756

7th Grade:

Click on the underlined names to be directed to that staff member's website.

Michelle Martineau
Phone: 720-972-7771

Carrie Miller
Phone: 720-972-7778

6th Grade:

Click on the underlined names to be directed to that staff member's website.

Christina Campbell
Phone: 720-972-7810

Colleen Gardner Shannon
Phone: 720 972-7830

Literacy Extensions Department Classrooms

Mrs. Campbell's class

Subject: Literacy Extensions Grade(s): 6th Grade
Mrs. Campbell's Literacy Extensions Please click on the following link to reach my current website.

Ms. Gardner's Class

Subject: General Education Grade(s): 6th Grade, 7th Grade
Ms. Gardner teachs 6th grade math and is the Reading Interventionist serving kids in 6th and 7th grade on District Literacy Plans.

Ms. Martineau's Class

Subject: Literacy Extensions Grade(s): 7th Grade
Ms. Martineau's Class: Syllabus