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Ms. Hulstrom's Class

Computer Science - Hulstrom

Mrs. Hulstrom's Technology Website Link

Classwork for this quarter will be accessed from the DISTRICT Schoology site on your dashboard.  My Hulstrom's Technology Website also has a LOT of great information and links that that can be helpful.

Office Hours: 

You can reach me through email during office hours (quarter 1 from 9 am to 9:52 am).  Please feel free to set up a meeting with me during that time.  I will be checking email frequently throughout that time an the day, but may already be online with someone at the time you send the email.  

Period 1 Plan - Office hours

Period 2 LIVE - Computer Science 7th Grade

Period 3 LIVE - Cyber Secrets 8 Grade

Period 4 LIVE - Cyber Secrets 8th Grade

Period 5 LIVE - Tech Ed 6th Grade

Period 6 LIVE - Tech Ed 6th Grade


I value the communication between students, parents/guardians, and myself as an integral piece of student success. Please don't hesitate to contact me any time. Email is my preferred method, but if you want to send me a phone number to call you or your student at, please forward that and the time in an email.

On-line attendance and participation is required throughout our distance learning time.  If a student is not online during live classtime, the student will be recorded as absent.

Each assignment will be graded on the 4 point scale (Standards Based Grading -SGB)

  • 4   Exceeds Expectations
  • 3   Meets Expectations
  • 2   Approaching Expectations
  • 1   Missing or Incomplete

I look forward to a fun, educational, and productive quarter! I thoroughly enjoy Computer Science and I hope you enjoy this class. 

Thank you,
Jan Hulstrom