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Math Department


Welcome to the Math Department's website at SRMS. 

  •  Browse our site and you will see what the students will be learning at each grade level.    
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Math Department Classrooms

Mr. Alatorre's Class

Subject: Math
April, 2020 Because of the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the foreseeable future, school will be conducted online only.  I do not know if and when we may return to SRMS this school year.  That decision is made by the...

Mr. Centeno's Class

Subject: Math
An important classroom link to know about is the link to the Homework Calendar. This will be a daily calendar for all of seventh grade academic classes.  Information about what was done in class and what is assigned for homework will be posted.   ...

Ms. Gardner's Class

Subject: General Education
Facts for our class during distance learning: All information will be updated as required or weekly, whichever comes first. Current update 3/30 Google Classroom is where you will find all your assignments complete with instructional videos...

Mr. King's class

Subject: Math
April 1, 2020 Hello everyone!   I did not expect to return to school in this way, but being flexible and adaptable is certainly a lifelong skill and practice, one that I've found never stops.   That being said, I hope each and every one...

Ms. King's Class

Subject: Math, Science Google classroom codes:  Period 1-ffnq74o period2-t243dec period 3-qw2ambq period4-ad5iwqt