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What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are portable computing devices that run the Google Chrome operating system. Chromebooks connect to the internet using a built in wireless connection, and allow students to do online research and connect to the many online learning applications used at Shadow Ridge.

More information about Chromebooks

Chromebooks as learning tools:

There are many online learning applications available for students. These applications allow students to learn at their own pace, and can provide individualized instruction for each student by focusing on what they need and not on what they already know. Additionally students use Google Apps for Education to create documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows and to communicate and collaborate with other students and staff members. 

Chromebooks provided by the school district for each student:

Each student at Shadow Ridge will be checked out a Chromebook and charger to use for the school year.  Chromebooks will be checked out the first week of school so that students can begin using them as a learning resource.  The student is responsible for the care of the Chromebook and charger.  The student should bring the Chromebook and charger to school every day fully charged.  They should also bring the chromebook home each night so they can charge it for the next day.  

HERE is a brief video explaining proper care and use of your Chromebook.

Student and Family Chromebook Device Expectations Document

Prestamos del dispositivo:  compromiso y expectativas del estudiante

What to do if your chromebook is broken or not working?

If your chromebook is broken, or you cannot get it to work, bring the Chromebook AND the charger to the school's library during the school day.  They will swap out your chromebook and charger for a working chromebook.  The new chromebook you receive will be the one you use for the remainder of the school year.  The broken device will be sent to a vendor to be repaired.  When it is returned, it will be checked out to another student with a broken device.

What to do if you forgot your chromebook at home or forgot to charge your chromebook?

If you forget to bring your chromebook to school you may go to the library during school hours and check out a DAY LOANER chromebook.  The staff in the library will check out a chromebook to you that you can use for that day - and you MUST return that device to the library at the end of the school day.