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How to navigate your courses in Schoology

Shadow Ridge Middle School

Using Schoology to Navigate your Course Content

At Shadow Ridge, we use the Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver instructional content to the students.  Each course may be organized slightly different depending on the content and the teacher.  Each teacher has created a brief video to explain how their content is organized in Schoology, along with other general information about their classes.  Those videos are located below and organized by grade level and content.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Math Science Soc Studies Lang Arts Math Science Soc Studies Lang Arts Math Science Soc Studies Lang Arts
King Ostendorf Rosenblum Donahue Cundiff Ralston McKeown Doyle Alatorre Melvin Shock Beilman
Gardner Gerber Kellems Campbell Centeno Eichel Campbell Wofford   Hutton Seely Shaver
  Campbell   Greco       Miller   Ostendorf Mckeown Teague

Special Education and ELD Teachers

Kemble - SSN 1st & 2nd Period Smith Friar Peters - IPD Farfel Grade 6
Kemble - 7th Grade SSN from iPad     Peters - LLI Farfel Grade 7
Kemble - 7th Grade SSN from Chromebook        

PE and Elective Teachers

Physical Education Music Art Comp. Science Comp. Science Drama Great Books / Read for Life Spanish
Gray Ager Mooney Gonzales Sanford Utesch Hulstrom Lorenz Zahner David Tuesta